Thursday, 2 July 2009


Here's Marjorie,our latest addition to our snail family!!....She arrived Yesterday and is a rescue from Brixton Market In London...She's a Marginata var Ovum-or commonly known as a Margie.

These pictures were taken as soon as we unpacked her,as you can see she was eager to investigate her new home!:)


pdtnc said...

What a cracking photo ;)
She's looking good honey :)

Leigh Russell said...

A rescued snail! That's so sweet!
I'd almost forgotten about your snaily blog, I've been so busy with the launch of my book. Please visit my blog to find out how it's going. I hope you read Cut Short - and email me for a signature. If you check my publisher's website you can see the schedule of my author visits. I might even be visiting your local bookshop, you never know! I'll look out for Marjorie.